cave diving courses

Level Two

Cavern Diver Course (Open Circuit or CCR)

A course designed with a max depth of 30meters and no decompression. This course  allows you to dive into a cavern zone carrying only a single tank and RBS. You will be allowed to penetrate but no further then the daylight zone. Skills taught are based around your safety such as out of air drills, and proper line laying procedures. This  course is taught over a minimum of a two day period.

SafeAir Cavern Diver Limitations: May use all Nitrox mixtures (to 50%) to 30 m/100 fsw performing No-Deco-Required profiles with 2 cylinders and 2 gases, RBS included. These dives will be done within the daylight zone of a cavern/ cave entrance.

Level Three

Cave Diver Course  (Open Circuit or CCR)

IF you thought going into that cavern was exciting, how about being able to do full penetration. Double tanks, line laying, decompression diving, where does all this training end??? Learn the proper procedures for lost buddy situations, if you get lost off the main line and how to get out of a entanglement situation. You are almost there.

Cave Diver – Level 3 Limitations: May use all Nitrox and Oxygen mixtures to 40 m (130 fsw) during decompression profiles limited to a max of 30 minutes deco-time and 9 m (30 fsw) max stop depth using 3 cylinders and 3 gases within a cave environment.


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Level Four

Full Cave Course (Open Circuit or CCR)

During the full cave course you will be using full technical equipment. While on the dive you will learn how to deal with smaller restrictions and also how to do Jumps and gaps. This course will take you to the ultimate level. There is no need to take a special Stage diving course, since during level 4 full cave diver training the student will be trained on staging tanks also. On two of the dives the student will stage one tank and on two other dives students will be staging two tanks for additional penetration.”

Full Cave L4 Limitations: May use SafeAir and Oxygen mixtures without limits on the deco obligations, dive run times, number of cylinders or equipment configurations at a maximum depth of 40 m/ 130 fsw or 3.6 ata PN2 within a cave environment.

DPV Level 4 Full cave course ( Open Circuit or CCR) 

This is a two day course learning the proper maintenance and setting up of a dpv. Also get some tips on storing stage/deco tanks and proper trim while operating a  DPV in a cave.


Level Four Cave Survey -(Open circuit or CCR)

Learn the proper procedures and what equipment to use to properly survey a cave system. Learning how to this can increase both your safety and enjoyment while diving in the caves.

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Level Five

Cave Exploration Course (Open Circuit or CCR)

Taking things to the extreme. Learn to how to dive deep caves safely utilizing the Optimum mixes of oxygen and helium. Dives will be done in the 40-60m inside of the cave. The last thing you want to be is narked in a over head area. We will show you how to get rid of the narcosis problems and also the oxygen problems. A clear head is definitely needed in a cave. Topics such as how to set up a habitat, breathing 02 while in a habitat, staging multiple tanks in the cave.

Cave Explorer L5 Limitations: May use SafeAir, Helium and Oxygen mixtures without limitations within a cave environment. Attainable depths are relative to experience levels and the quality of available technical support.

Note: All Cave courses can be taught on Open Circuit (sidemount / backmount) or Rebreather. The student has to be qualified with the appropriate configuration/unit at the equivalent level.

ANDI Cave Course Prerequisites

Cave Diver Level

andi_cave diving courses

Level 2 Cavern – CSU + AOW or equivalent.
Level 3 Cave – CVN + TSD or equivalent.
Level 4 Cave – CAV + ERD + 100 dives + 10 dives deeper then 30 meters.
Level 5 Cave – CAV + TMD + 200 dives + 50 deco dives + 25 Cave dives.

DPV & Cave Survey – Level 4 Full cave +25 cave dives

Instructor Level

Level 2– Cavern Instructor + Full Cave
Level 3 -Cavern Instructor + Full Cave + Taught 6 Cavern courses
Level 4 – Level 3 cave Instructor + Full Cave + Taught 6 Level 3 Cave Courses
Level 5 – Level 4 Instructor + Full cave + Trimix Instructor + Taught 6 level 4 Cave courses.