Various Technical Diving BCDs and Equipment


Various sidemount diving equipment: including; Hollis SMS100D BCD, Razor-type harnesses, Apeks sidemount regs, MSR bladders (oral and low-pressure inflate), bungee cord and cylinder rigging bands.

Location: Thailand (can ship)

Items available, described below:

Technical Diving Steel Backplate and Deluxe Harness

Heavyweight steel backplate fitted with highly-adjustable deluxe-style harness. Fixed D-rings on the waist.

OMS Backplate and Harness technical diving thailand

OMS Dual-Bladder Technical Wing

OMS Dual Bladder Technical Wing BCD Thailand

Technical Diving Double Cylinder Isolation Manifold

doubles isolation manifold technical diving thailand

Primary Cave Exploration Reels

  • side-handle design
  • high capacity

Cave Diving Primary reels thailand

Scubapro Jet Fins

  • with steel spring straps
  • optimal choice for cave/technical use

Cave diving jet fins thailand

Technical Diving Pocket Shorts

Several pairs of neoprene shorts with multiple bellow pockets for equipment. Perfect for wearing over existing exposure protection or worn as stand-alone. The most effective way to store equipment for technical / cave dives.

technical diving pocket shorts thailand

technical diving pocket shorts thailand

OMS Harness Pocket

Bellow pocket to fit onto harness waist-band. Suitable for cave equipment (arrows etc), spare mask, back-up tables etc

OMS Harness Pocket Thailand

Technical Diving Jon Line

Used to secure diver to the shot line during decompression in strong current.

technical diving jon line thailand

‘Manta’ Style Rubber Bungee Necklace

Several bungee necklace for securing short hose or sidemount regulators at the divers’ chin.

Technical Diving Bungee Necklace Manta Thailand


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